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Baby Acne Remedies

A commonly observed problem among newborn babies is baby acne or neonatorum. Baby acne is marked by red spots on the skin of a newborn baby. The red spots may appear on the face, chin, neck, hands and back side of the body. These baby acne cause concern in parents, as they feel that their babies would grow up with some skin complications. The fact is, that baby acne is perfectly normal.

Baby acne occurs due to the passage of maternal hormones into the baby's body. The presence of maternal hormones in the baby's body triggers the sebaceous glands of the baby. During pregnancy, these hormones get transferred through the placenta. This amounts to red pimples and skin rashes on the forehead. Some babies even suffer from whiteheads.

Baby Acne Treatment

Baby acne usually shows its presence in the third week of the baby's life. According to a study, male babies are more prone to baby acne than female babies. The baby acne is the form of small pustules, appearing like a red bump above the baby's skin. In most of the cases, the baby acne automatically reduces and fades away. If the baby acne is not getting cured even after six months of age, then it is a time to consult the doctor, as it may be a sign of some other complications. Here in this article, I have tried to give some baby acne remedies.

How to Treat Baby Acne?

Some doctors also support the fact, that baby acne can also be caused due to an allergy or unhygienic living conditions of the baby in the initial months of the birth. Let's check out some remedies for baby acne.

Before going for baby acne remedies, make sure that you have follow all hygienic precautions while taking adequate baby care. Don't try to wash or touch the skin of the baby with an untidy cloth. If your baby is showing signs of baby acne during winter, then it is possible that you might have wrapped him/her in too many clothes. If that is the case, then let the child be comfortable instead of wrapping it with too many clothes.

Since, the baby is still in its infancy, avoid even thinking of any lotions and other hard medications. One of the best baby acne remedies is, mixing honey and lime juice together and applying the paste on baby's body. Take a tsp honey and a tsp lime juice. After mixing them, slowly apply it on the baby's body. Use cotton swab to apply it. After half an hour, wash the body with light warm water.

One of the effective baby acne remedies is applying breast milk on the affected part of the baby's body. With the help of a cotton swab, gently apply the breast milk on the baby's affected part of the body. Mother's should also exercise control on their diets. Eating too much oil food can affect the quality of milk and that can indirectly cause baby acne. Mother's should take fresh fruits and juices, so that the nutrients are passed on to the baby. The baby acne remedies also include washing the clothes of the baby regularly and maintaining hygiene, so that, it is not affected by any allergies.

Baby acne is a simple condition, that affects babies during the pregnancy and shows the effect few weeks after the baby is born. It is a common myth, that baby acne needs some serious treatment. The fact is, baby acne must be dealt patiently. With time, baby acne disappears on its own. In case, it continues even six months after the birth, then taking a doctor's opinion is essential. Parents should not needlessly run for creams and ointments that claim to heal baby acne. Always consult the doctor before treating your child with any type of skin creams. By following the above mentioned baby acne remedies, you can cure baby acne easily.

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