Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Few Tips to Manage Acne

(i) Diet: Adhering to a healthy diet is most essential in preventing acne. Eating balanced diets and following regimes for acne skin care can help in reducing the severity of the outbreak.

(ii) Cleanliness: Washing your face several times a day and using a cleansing lotion suitable for your skin type goes a long way in treating acne prone skin.

(iii) No picking/squeezing: Fingers nails are acne and blemishes’ worst enemy. Picking or squeezing them can cause infection or leave marks on your skin which could last a long time.

(iv) Avoid razors: To avoid hurting your acne during shaving, switch to using a safety or electric razor. Try not to use a regular razor as this might nick at your acne causing pain and infection.

(v) Professional care: If your acne problem is severe, consult a dermatologist to suggest a acne skin care regime that will be suited to your skin type.

source : buzzle

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