Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beyond Retin-A

Retin-A has been around for a long time, and it's still a popular acne treatment. Retin-A belongs to a group of medications called topical retinoids, which means Retin-A isn't the only game in town. Many other topical retinoids are available to treat acne, like:

Retin-A Micro - Although they sound similar, Retin-A and Retin-A Micro are actually different medications. They both use the active ingredient tretinoin, but Retin-A Micro releases the medication more slowly (so it might not be as irritating for you.)

Differin (adapalene) - This medication is more accurately described as a retinoid-like compound. It means it's not technically a retinoid, but it's often lumped in with them because it works just like one. This is another that can be less irritating than other retinoids.

Tazorac (tazarotene) - This medication probably isn't as popular as the others because it tends to be more irritating, but many people have found it effective.

Epiduo - This medication is cool because it combines two acne-fighting ingredients: adapalene (AKA Differin) and benzoyl peroxide. It's a two-for-one application.

Ziana - Here's another two-for-one medication. This time, though, it's a combo of tretinoin (hello, Retin-A) and a topical antibiotic clindamycin. Because you're hitting acne in two different ways, these combo medications can be really effective.

All of these medications are prescription, so you'll need to head to your doc's office to get them. I think topical retinoids are a super good addition to many acne treatment routines, so even if you're not into Retin-A you might want to give these others a try.

source : acne.about

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